Kuzuzangpo la !

An Oasis of Calm

Steeped in Customs & Traditions

Colored in Song Dance Art & Craft

Exquisite Flavors of the Land

Basking in the Glory of Nature

Last Mile to Mindfulness & Well being


Glimpses of Bhutan

A world away from the familiar bustle, in this haven you will find time slows down for you to indulge lavishly in the extravagance of simple things that bring joy.

About Thimphu

Best of both worlds come together in Thimphu, the capital city, home to the royal family, the political and economic power center and the capital of Bhutan. An old world charm is manifest on streets where traffic signals are inconspicuous, on ornately embellished shingled rooftops, quaint horzhing windows and other architectural structures built with stone or wood,maybe but tethered by tradition, definitely. Inspired by the modern world, Thimphu offers the traveler an eclectic selection of hotels, restaurants and cafes to dine at, ATM facilities, internet cafes, shops, bars and a few nightclubs too.

About Paro
Through clouds emerges the soil, the carpet of green earth that will welcome you when your feet first touch the ground at Paro International Airport in Bhutan. It is the country’s only international airport – its doorway and departure. As you drive into the city you become more and more aware of the ornate, traditional buildings that surround you. Painted in vivid hues they stand in contrast with lush paddy and wheat fields, while the placid clear blue stretches visible from the skies turn to glittering trout-filled streams from up close. If Thimphu is Bhutan’s heart, then Paro is the country’s soul.
About Punakha
Inextricably linked to Bhutan’s glorious past is its erstwhile capital, Punakha. Here, at the confluence of two of Bhutan’s rivers – Pho Chhu and Mo Chhu, stands the Pungthang Dewachen Phodrang, also known as the Palace of Great Happiness. It is arguably one of the most beautiful dzongs in all of Bhutan. The first king of the kingdom was coronated at this august venue where the reigning monarch wed in the more recent past. 

The winter residence of the central monk body and only a few hours away from some of Bhutan’s most popular tourist attractions, such as the hot springs, Guru Rinpoche caves and the Fertility Temple, Punakha is a birder’s haven. Rare and endangered species of birds like the white-bellied heron among others have been known to frequent this region.
About Gangtey
Frozen in time, untouched by modernization, Phobjikha, is an unusual and quiet vale that borrows its other name from the Gangtey goempa which majestically towers over a ridge above the bowl-shaped glacial valley, surrounded by an entire village of gomchens who take care of the monastery. 

Primeval, picturesque and unsullied, this part of the Wangdue Phodrang District of central Bhutan is the abode of tranquility and creatures like the muntjacs, wild boars, sambar, Himalayan black bear, Himalayan serow, leopards and foxes. Rare species of birds flock to the region. The beautiful back necked cranes are winter visitors, who ceremonially fly around the Gangtey monastery thrice each time they arrive and as they leave.
About Bumthang
Legends and myths prevail, buried in the hallowed grounds of Choekhor, also familiar as Bumthang, and on these foundations abound ancient Buddhist temples and monasteries or lhakhangs and chortens, as the traveler learns when he leaves the world behind and reaches Bumthang. 

It is believed that the place still carries the memory of its first kings and the great Buddhist master who once meditated there. The air is suffused with spirituality and an aura of peace engulfs the entire valley.

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Pack for a Purpose

We are proud members of Pack for a Purpose, an initiative that allows travelers like you to make a lasting impact in the community at your travel destination. If you save just a few kilos of space in your suitcase and take supplies for the projects we support in need, you'll make a priceless impact in the lives of local children and families. Please click here to see supplies needed for on-going project(s). We support the Eutok Samdrupcholing Goenpa monastic school which, houses 65 boys with age 5 through 25 years old. We support the school by supporting infrastructure improvements, donating outdoor lighting for the temple and helping with other general school supply needs.

High Value Low Impact Tourism

Tourism that creates value and leaves a positive impact is the cornerstone of the tourism industry in Bhutan. Sustainability is central to the policies that The Royal Government of Bhutan subscribes to. By this precept, tourism must be acceptable both socially and culturally, it must be economically viable, and environmentally friendly. We strive to uphold the same ethos in collaboration with local authorities, businesses and communities. 

Since it opened its doors to tourism in 1974 in the interest of socio-economic development, Bhutan remains objective about policies governing tourism and is somewhat exclusive even as the industry grows at a rapid pace across the globe. Bhutan has sustained as the only carbon negative country in the world, since it absorbs more carbon dioxide than it produces and has 71% of the country under forest cover.